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A cheating boyfriend renders thousands homeless in Old Fadama

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A cheating boyfriend renders thousands homeless in Old Fadama

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Thousands of Old residents today have to be at the mercy of the inclement weather and scavenging mosquitoes as a result of one promiscuous man.


An irate woman set ablaze the whole Old Fadama as a punishment to her relationship partner who she suspected him of cheating has learned.


The couple engaged in a fight with the furious wife threatening to set her husband ablaze.


Residents say the wife’s husband is a known womanizer.

“It started at about 10 PM, Monday night. When everyone had gone to sleep at about 2AM Tuesday, they saw fire coming from the couple’s room.”

“The fire quickly spread to other wooden structures. The youth in the area are outraged. But the couple fled the community after the act. The youth have vowed to deal with the couple should they set eyes on them,” the Asempa FM reporter said on their Ekosiisen program monitored by


According to reports, the couple has since run away and the police does not know their whereabout.


Do you think people should go to this extreme when the other partner does not show enough faithfulness in a relationship?



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