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A pastor demanded GHC20,000 from me else he will leak my nudes



A pastor demanded GHC20,000 from me else he will leak my nudes

Long-distance relationship has got its own associated problems. Most people whose partners are abroad sometimes resort to sex -video – chat or exchanging of nudes.

An anonymous lady has disclosed to popular relationship , Abena Magis about her experience in sending nudes.

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The lady recounted what she went through about seven years ago when a pastor she had rejected his proposal sent her her own nudes and threatened to leak them if she doesn’t send him GHC20,000.

“My first bf was in UK so definitely we exchanged nudes all the time. We dated for 3yrs and due to some mistakes I made, our beautiful relationship crushed..” she wrote.

After the first relationship ended, she narrated she went and assisted her cousin as the maid of honour and the pastor got the opportunity to have access to her phone and retrieved the nudes from her google photos; the ones she had long deleted from her phone gallery.

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So after the wedding, the pastor started blackmailing her when she turned down his proposal.

“I was there one Sunday morning when I had a call from him. He was still threatening me and unfortunately for him he didn’t change his voice so I heard his voice clearly. He was the pastor who proposed to me at my cousin’s wedding but I declined.

Abena, I least suspected him. He was the one blackmailing me. The pastor who was with the bridal team from Thursday to Sunday oh. He was the one. He claimed he is a branch pastor at Nsawam of a renowned church in Ghana.” she further added.


What do make of sharing nudes with your partner?

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