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A-Plus Pulls Gun At Omotuo Party


A-Plus Pulls Gun At Omotuo Party

According to incoming reports, just when all seemed to be happening large at the second edition of the Omutuo Party, a huge fight which resulted in the pulling of a gun hit the roof.

And the man at the herm of the fight was no other person then the controversial Hip-life star, A-Plus. The event brought together nearly 3000 vibrant young men and women.

The atmosphere was soaked in the jamboree hosted at Leisure Spot in Tema on Sunday when the episode happened. Just about 10 meters away from the stage, A-plus could be seen wielding his firearm which resulted in a stampede injuring at least 10 people.

According to another popular Hip Life artiste (name withheld) who was in the company of A-Plus when the incident occurred, his counterpart was incited to pull the gun to scare the mob which had attacked them.

“We were attacked by some boys and A-plus sensing danger pulled the pistol to scare them from attacking us”, he told Selase Attah.

When a daring photo-journalist tried to take a picture of the action, A-Plus ordered his boys to attack him. His lens was broken and his memory card seized.

As if the police at the event were star struck, they looked on as it all happened. According to organizers, A-Plus was not billed to perform at mammoth event.

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