A policeman beaten mercilessly

A policeman beaten mercilessly


One of the interesting stories reported by Daily Graphic is about a cop being beaten by a death & dump person called Jakpel Sanganika. He is 48-year-old and a resident of Bunkpurugu in the Bunkpurugu-Yunyoo District of the Northern Region.

The cop – Lance Corporal Charles Agble Vigor – is with Rapid Deployment Force (RDF) of the Ghana Police Service in Tamale. Vigor on patrol duties to some suburbs in the Bunkpurugu township to enforce the curfew imposed by the Ministry of Interior. While on patrol he spotted the suspect and confronted him on why he was outside during curfew hours and to find out if he had a permit to stay late. Only to realise the suspect was deaf and dumb, decided to escort him home but Jakpel Sanganika, on the way, pounced on the policeman and beat him up mercilessly, after hitting him with a big stone to render him unconscious.

The suspect was later arrested and released on police enquiry bail pending the recovery of the victim.

By Antwi Odrey


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