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Abedi’s Wonder Kids


Abedi’s Wonder Kids

Ayew family is a blessed one and has been a blessing to Ghana.
The man Abedi Ayew Pele has paid more than his dues to Ghana football but what would forever be remembered as his greatest legacy is the fact that three of his sons -R ahim, Andre and Jordan all play the .

Andrea and Jordan were a wonder to behold when Ghana met Tunisia the quarter-final stage during the Africa Cup of Nations last Sunday.
It was just thrilling to see the two wonder siblings play together when Jordan was brought in as a substitute during the second half. Andre, on the other hand, ended up as Ghana's fourth captain of the tough game that ran into extra time.

Jordan, 20, plays for Olympique Marseille in France just as his elder brother, 22-year-old Andre. Though Andre played his heart out and played a pivotal role in Ghana's victory against the Tunisians, his performance did not come as a surprise to Ghanaians because the 22-year-old had already justified his worth as a maestro who had inherited his father's skills.

But not much had been seen of Jordan until he put up that great performance on Sunday, leaving Ghanaians in an excited mood. Jordan more than justified his inclusion and his elder brother, Andre had this to say about him: “It is great for a player at 20 to play such a game. I am very happy for him and I hope he keeps up that performance…I am happy for him…You can only wait for things like this and it is normal that if he doesn't do well, people hit him. It is not the matter of his age but it is the matter of the character and the pressure that he undergoes in Europe.”

Jordan has put on record that he is not the type who allows to get to his head. He said he was still learning and that his best was yet to come.

“I am learning everyday and hopefully I will get better. I know my qualities and what I can do. This is my first nation's cup tournament and so naturally it was not easy at the beginning but I am improving,” he noted in a post-match interview.

Source: News One
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