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Accra fashion week set to make Accra a prominent fashion capital of Africa


Accra fashion week set to make Accra a prominent fashion capital of Africa


Designers for the fashion week

Over the years, the fashion industry in Africa has grown greener and with the likes of Deola Sagoe, Oumou Sy among others, Africa has become a huge potential fashion ground. With the new revolution of (sankofa) going back to our roots, the world is overwhelmed by the sudden waves Africa fashion is making.

Players in the industry are now taking more professional approach to making real business with fashion. The biggest wave set to hit the fashion industry is Accra Fashion Week which will be happening in the capital of Ghana, Accra from October 6 to 9th.

This fashion week unlike other fashion weeks has well-laid out procedure to ensuring designers go back home with big orders from boutique owners by making the boutique owners of Ghana it’s prime focus. The show organizers have confirmed fashion buyers and sellers from across Africa with participation from top designers from across the globe set to show and are more to come and showcase within the 4 day fashion event.

Showcasing at international events vital opportunities for designers across the globe that sees African fashion as the new trend in the world.

This event is bringing light to African designers and their clothing like never before where audience can’t look anywhere else but the clothes. Making money in the fashion industry is easy if the right procedures are taken and Accra Fashion Week promises to make its ground a business avenue for buyer and sellers of fashion.

Designers will also be given opportunities to sell on their online boutique platform for easy access to foreign admirers. All clothing’s will be advertised on their exhibition platform where buyers can purchase.

Registration is ongoing for all designers on . Be part of the new evolution of African fashion.

For more information email or contact +233233622008

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Source: Accra Fashion Week

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