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Acting Is Not Prostitution – Actress


Acting Is Not Prostitution – Actress

Due to the perception most people have about actresses, actress Luckie Lawson, who wants to see the movie industry grow to its peak, given a word of caution to up-coming actresses to see the profession as a business and not prostitution.

“I feel very bad as an actress when people say bad things about us, most of us are not that but the few are tagged ‘bad'.”

She said some of them were tagged “bad” up-coming actresses were willing to do anything to please producers because of their desire to become famous within the shortest possible time.

According to her, when she came up with 7th Act Production, she had a lot of calls and texts from young girls, some of whom said they would do anything, even if it meant sleeping with someone else just to be on the screen.

Luckie Lawson, who was speaking an interview with NEWS-ONE, said some of these people brought disgrace to the profession because all they wanted was fame to do something else.

The pretty actress, who has featured in like ‘Familiar Strangers', ‘Heart of Men', ‘Mummy's Daughter', ‘Royal Battle', ‘The King is Mine' and Desperate To Survive', believed an actress did not have to sell herself to get roles.

“I tried more than three times before I had the opportunity to feature in my first movie, ‘Mummy's Daughter'.”

According to her, an actress who slept with a producer for roles wouldn't go far. “It's not a producer that makes you; it's how well you play the roles given to you. If you are preferred or liked by viewers, the producer would want to use you in his subsequent movies. If it's not your talent but because you just want the fame you won't last long in the profession”.

She however added, “There are a lot of things said about actresses that are not true but you hear people say all sorts of things about you without crosschecking the facts.”

She said, “Acting is something I have chosen to do regardless of what people say about me. I love acting and I don't regret joining. We all cannot be bankers or lawyers. Certainly, some must entertain and others defend cases in court.”

NEWS-ONE earlier reported that Luckie was having marital problems but she has finally confessed that everything is currently going well and she and her husband are living together and enjoying their marriage.

Source: News One
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