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Actor Kendrick Sampson is Suffering Trauma After Being Shot Seven Times With Rubber Bullets During L.A. Protests


Actor Kendrick Sampson is Suffering Trauma After Being Shot Seven Times With Rubber Bullets During L.A. Protests






If you know anything about star Kendrick Sampson you  already know that he’s extremely out spoken in social justice and isn’t afraid get out into the streets to protest. Did you know Sampson was hit with rubber bullets and a baton when he took part in what started as a peacefully protest for in L.A. Sunday.

In an interview Sampson spoke about his experience :

“I’m pretty stressed up, but I feel strong and I feel like, you know, I’m ready to make sure that I get out there, and get back out there, and make sure that we continue this movement to defund police and hold all these officers accountable.”

Kendrick also added, “I have some trauma that I am working through.”

Sampson also addressed the risk of protesting, speaking to his years of experience:

“I’ve been working with Black Lives Matter Los Angeles for years… It wasn’t until after we ended our event they decided to become aggressive.”

Sampson revealed things went bad after getting separated from his team, as some of the crowd decided to continue the march.

“Police showed up and blocked off the streets…They wanted to prevent us from going into Beverly Hills because they’re more worried about property than people. And I started recording… They got enraged and… they ended up shooting …They singled me out. They pointed at me.”

“I was shot seven times with rubber bullets… I’m glad I didn’t get hit in my head, but they hit me with the club right here. I have a chest wound… Anywhere it hits you, like, skin comes off and bruising happens, and so anywhere it hits you, there is a lot of skin comes off, lots of blood. I don’t want to show you my leg, but, you know, there was a lot of blood and hanging skin and stuff, so…”

Sampson showed some injuries done to his legs.

Kendrick also revealed how he’s working to better things :

“My nonprofit initiative Build Power … is working to organize Hollywood around liberation culture and getting them involved in the real situations, connecting them to grassroots organizations, community-based organizations that are doing the real work… Build Power collaborated with Black Lives Matter Los Angeles on many things right now. You have to look at The People’s Budget L.A…. a great example of what the defunding of police, where that money could go to.”

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