Actress donates to Holy Family Hospital in Berekum

Actress donates to Holy Family Hospital in Berekum

imagesThe beautiful actress, Cecilia Gyase Konamah popularly knows as Abena Ghana with her annual donations to the needy. This year, she chose the Holy Family Hospital and schools located off the Berekum road.

According to the star actress, she believes that children need good health and education in a sound environment with recreation that is good for the body and mind. Thus, she donated items that will provide the enabling environment for studying and recreation in the hospital.

She commended the staff of both hospitals for working hard to save the lives of the injured persons and encouraged the patients not to give up.

The actress with the help of stars like Big Akwess, Shifo, Tracey, KyinKyina Twan, Spendy Love, Frank Nero, Cartoon and others embarked on the exercise to help address the country’s sanitation challenges.

The exercise which took place at Berekum saw the stars cleaning gutters and dumping wastes mounted at the area.

Cecilia Gyase during the cleanup exercise on Saturday urged Ghanaians to honour the National Sanitation Day which falls on every first Saturday of the month from 6:00 am to 9:00 am.

He added that cleaning our communities will not just make the environment neat but save us from diseases.

She also donated 1,500 books to schools in Berekum, advising the students to learn hard and become good people in future.

Speaking to Cecilia Gyase Konamah actress, said the pains in the hearts of Ghanaians should be enough reason for things to be done right adding, “if our drains were not blocked with filth the disaster would probably not occur”.

“This is the time to pull down structures on waterways and strictly enforce all building regulations so that we do not experience this calamity again,” she said.

“We must stop throwing filth into the gutters because these cause the drainage system to choke. We are the government and we should make the collective effort to stop such attitude and stop blaming every serving President for these sickness and stuff”, she added.


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