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Actress Khareema In Trouble…


Actress Khareema In Trouble…

Ghanaian actress Khareema Aguiar will find herself behind bars by close of today February 3, 2012, if she fails to disclose the whereabouts of a movie producer she bailed from police cells.

The movie producer, David Owusu found himself in police cells in what seem like a fraud case in which he refused to refund an mount of $9000 to actor Abeiku Acquah aka ‘killer’ of ‘Things We Do For Love’ fame. While in police custody, David Owusu was said to have telephoned Khareema and pleaded with her to bail him after had made an undertaking to refund the $9000 to Abeiku within two weeks.

A police source said Khareema, before signing the bail, pleaded with David Owusu to negotiate for a one month grace period rather than two weeks but the producer said raising $9000 within two weeks was an easy task for him. The two weeks has elapsed and David Owusu is yet to pay the money. He has not even paid a dime and seems to have vanished into thin air.

He has not gotten back to ‘Killer’, Khareema or the police. Police sources said all efforts to reach David Owusu has proved futile and he was not found at the address he gave and did not pick his phone calls. Khareema herself could not get in touch with him as he did not pick her calls. At the moment, the police are on Khareema’s case to produce David Owusu or pay the full amount. News one tried reaching David for his side of the story but his two MTN numbers were off.

Source: A News-One Exclusive

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