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Adam Lambert Ready For 30 & His ‘Evolved’ New Album


Adam Lambert Ready For 30 & His ‘Evolved’ New Album

It’s a big year for Adam Lambert, who has his sophomore album on the way, and in just five days, a milestone in his life – the start of his thirties!

“Half of me is scared to even utter the word ‘thirty,’ and the other half of me is really looking forward to it,” Adam told’s Laura Saltman on Monday. “I think that this year in particular… I feel very… optimistic. I feel like I’m learning things about myself and kind of evolving.”

Adam said he’ll be off in Europe on his big day – January 29 — but don’t expect any big bashes.

“I think I’m going to try to do something before I leave, like a dinner with friends,” he said. “I’ve done my fair share of big soirees this year and I’m ready to work.”

 And for Adam, work means his new album, “Trespassing,” which is due out on March 20.

“It’s kind of like a pass for a listener to trespass in my life, into my reality,” Adam told Laura. “I wrote songs on the album that are really fun and crazy and party songs, and then I wrote songs on the album that are dark and deal with anxiety and stress and low self-esteem and acceptance.

“There’s two halves of the album and hopefully the listener will get a better idea of who I am — who I really, really am,” Adam said.

The new album represents another side, Adam said – an “evolved” one.

“The last album — I’m very proud of it. It was a very theatrical album. It was really over the top and it was kind of a spectacle — like an audio spectacle. And it was very stylized and kind of campy. It was kind of a caricature of this rock star that I always wanted to be. You know, lots of glitter and feathers and makeup and I had a great time with that. And I think I kind of got a lot of that out of my system in a way and now I’m able to make music that is for my fans that I’ve gotten to know over the last year,” Adam said. “I know who I am now more, so I think, as an artist, I’ve evolved and as a person I’ve evolved and I think the music will open that door wide open for people.”


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