Adangba denies his voice


Akola nyame is the introduction the singer gives to the song in an edited voice in the song. In an interview with Michael Adangba he denied vehemently being the one who sang the song. Everyone who knows his style and lyrics will know he is the one who sang the song. During the interview he made reference that he has sang songs and performed them on national Television so he can’t be hiding from just one song.

The song’s lyrics praise our President Mahama and fire burn all those saying things are not going on well in Ghana. Realistically everyone knows that all is not well in Ghana and its offensive to say Fire burn those who are complaining about it.For those of you who don’t know Adangba he sings songs for political leaders during elections especially for (NDC) National Democratic Congress.  During the just ended  elections he sang the song “Tika Tika” for  president Mahama. He also makes music videos for his songs and is well known in the political circles. This new song is not in an edited form of his voice.

In the studio we had an experienced sound engineer Justice Oteng of drumline studios said with confidence that the voice is Michael Adangba. He stood by his words and explained that he can take word by word and prove that the voice is Michael Adangba. He also explained that it was technique used and he could reverse it and expose the actual voice.

culled from Ampluzz


Monica Otumfuor


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