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Adjoa Smart In Love


Adjoa Smart In Love

Some say love is blind, others say love knows no limit but whatever it is, the ‘This Is Crazy Charley’ musician, E.L. may have to start making arrangements to get married to Adjoa Smart, the short actress of ‘Obra’ fame.

Reports reaching NEWS-ONE indicate that Adjoa Smart is in love with the tall, lanky E.L. and that the actress started to have a crush on the musician after she featured in the video shoot of his hit song, ‘Kaalu’ which coincidentally would be released to the public precisely 12 midnight tonight on social media.

“Adjoa Smart was asked to do some sexy and romantic moves with E.L. and that was where the whole thing started.The way she was shaking her buttocks for the video made E.L. pass a rather sexy comment about the actress and from there one thing led to another.

They have been in constant communication since.

“The two seem not to mind about their difference in height and the video shoot tells it all. Actor Fred Amugi and were also in the video,” a source told NEWS-ONE.

Interestingly, E.L. would not speak to the issue when NEWS-ONE called him on phone.

Source: News One
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