Adolf Tagoe reveals how responsible he is to his kids

28830815Afro pop singer and kakalika dance hit maker Adolf Tagoe revealed on Sunday afternoon on ATV’s Anigyekrom with Sokoo Hemaa he is very responsible and love his kids so much when he was invited as a guest on the show.

The show was dedicated to all fathers especially studio guest to mark the global father’s day celebration.

The singer who just returned from the States on a family visit in his comments indicated fathers are very important and special people that play a vital role in every family.

He disclosed being a father is not just about having or producing kids but being responsible enough to make them happy and make your home peaceful.

Adolf who have two beautiful kids, Nadolf Tagoe and Adolf Tagoe Jnr again stated that the youth today should learn to be very responsible before entering into marriage or think of having kids. He said it is God that takes care of mankind so every young man should put away the fear of having a child when they happen to put a girl in a family way.

“When you not ready don’t try or get into it at all, just stay away from pre-mature sex. But if happens take responsibility and act as a man. Don’t leave the woman to carry the cross alone and come back later to apologize to the kid or the woman. Every child needs that fatherly love; don’t let your kids lack that. Make sure you speak to your kids every day. It very healthy to the family”, he stated.

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