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Adzorwo Music And Dance Making Impact


Adzorwo Music And Dance Making Impact

Adzorwo Music and Dance Ensemble, a leading youthful traditional music and dance group based in the capital, has declared its intention to develop traditional dance by organizing free training lessons for the youth.

The group, since its inception some years back, has thrilled diverse audiences in the country and beyond with its own variations of traditional music and dance as well as contemporary dance pieces.

Ghanaian and African traditional music and dance fans have been assured of magical performances from the group later this year during its impending music and dance shows in some selected areas in the country.

The ensemble's roots in the Ghanaian cultural scene, formation

of a children and adult orchestra, have since grown to include dancers, singers as well as musicians.

Based in Accra, the Adzorwo Ensemble performs nationally and internationally and has performed at so many events and venues which include the Ristumeikan University Kyoto-Japan, Drummondville World Festival, Walt Disney, as well as the highly acclaimed Folklore Festival in Yalta the Black Sea.

Accompanied by an array of African drums, the group has endeared itself to the hearts of Ghanaian cultural music fans with its complex rhythms that expose the beauty and diversity of Ghana and African music and dance.

The group, which is made up of talented young boys and girls, has over the past months been creating waves with magnificent and powerful performances.

The members of the group have delighted enthusiastic crowds in several cities and towns throughout the country with pieces from their large repertoire of traditional and choreographed dance pieces.

Through its dedication to the African , the Government of Ghana, under the auspices of the Ministry Of Chieftaincy and Culture and the National Commission on Culture, enabled the organization to represent the country on so many international platforms across Europe and Asia.

The group is noted for teaching in so many academic institutions and engaging international students who want to learn African cultural dancing.

Adzorwo Music and Dance Ensemble was formed to promote Ghanaian and African cultural values, both at home and abroad. Since its establishment over 9 years ago, the group has had tremendous success in terms of international engagements. Besides the group's terrific choreography and wonderful performances, the public is also fascinated by the colourful richness of the ensemble's costumes. The affluent wardrobe is consistent with the stylish wealth of dresses in the various ethnographical regions on Ghana.

According to its executive director, Adzor Raymond Attuquaye Clottey, for the past 20 years, the group has been involved in the promotion and development of traditional Ghanaian music and dance.

He has been instrumental in the training of several young men and women who are currently at the forefront of traditional, contemporary music and dance in Ghana and beyond.

He noted that he was still negotiating with some selected institutions in the country, where the group would train and help to develop talents in the youth.

He hinted that very soon the group would stage live musical performances and drama in some of the cycle institutions to encourage the young ones to develop interests in traditional music and dance.

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