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BY popular demand, the sensational South African musical, Africa UMOJA returns to the National Theater once again from April 30th to 2nd May 2011. This time, UMOJA will shake the foundations of the National Theater and thrill the thousands of theater lovers expected to throng the venue.

Africa UMOJA-The Spirit of togetherness is a two hour explosion of song and dance performed by an energetic and creative crew that hails from South Africa. The story of UMOJA tells the tale of South Africa, its people and the changes that the years have had on their music.

The only way to truly appreciate the story as told in the beautiful stage musical is to experience it in all its glory. The energetic dance moves that reverberates throughout the National Theatre long after the last foot had been stomped, the vibrant colours of the various costumes for different segments of the musical and the enchanting tone of the narrator stays long with those who made it to the show last year.

Scenes like “Venda Snake dance”, the exquisite voices of the singers and the fury of the traditional Zulu dancers all add up to ensuring that the journey through the South African musical history a fun one. This year’s UMOJA promises to be even more enlightening as the musical will include aspects of the Ghanaian musical story in the mix.

Selected first rate Ghanaian dancers will be paraded alongside their South African counterparts and this is expected to add to the fun. It will be amazing how the Ghanaian dancers will gel alongside the South African group known for wonderful performances.

UMOJA is known to be nothing short of a beautiful and exciting moment according to thousands of people around the world who have experienced it.

It has performed for kings, Presidents, Diplomats and the general public in over 28 countries worldwide. This pulsating musical odyssey leaves you breathless, and your heart pounding for more. This show is sure to stimulate your appetite for theatre and dance. It is a must watch!

Four spectacular performances will be put up daily between the theatre hours of 4PM and 8PM at the National theatre on 30TH April – 2NDMay 2011.

Umoja-The spirit of togetherness is produced by Charterhouse in collaboration with the National Theater and sponsored by Easy Ryde and South African Airways.

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