I took the night and made it more than just a knight
I stayed awake just to see the end of the task
Yes, I am the words of the ancient men spoken with so much power and might
I slay the elephant in a strike and make a weapon out of its tusk
I walk the distance
Even in obvious resistance
Pure in heart and persistence
Call me Mansa Musa, the great son of the Mali Empire
Call me Shaka the Zulu, the man who never gave up on the battlefield
Call me Okomfo Anokye, the proud son of Asanteman who commanded the Golden stool
When I sing, the leaves dance
When I whisper, the wind gives chance
When I dance, the raptor pounce
Yes, I am the man who speaks to my ancestors in the language of the dead
The one in whose footsteps the cowards refuse to tread
I am a warrior, an African warrior
I fight with no amour
Yet I defeat a thousand in horror
Let the people chant my name with vigour
And I will rescue them in honour
I am the African WARRIOR!

By: KMJ The Africanbaby

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