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Africa’s first multi-racial hospital-based sitcom set for release


Africa’s first multi-racial hospital-based sitcom set for release


-based commedy sitcom, Kelly’s Hospital, is set to debut in Nigeria.

The comedy sitcom, according to the producers is aimed at enlightening the public on health issues by entertaining them.

George Jeffrey, Producer of Kelly’s Hospital, new hospital comedy sitcom

Maria Bessa, a UK-based actress, who plays Dr Kelly, described its filming as a wonderful experience working with Nigerians.

“At first it was a bit awkward for me because I haven’t done a comedy before. My previous films in Europe were drama and romance. Kelly’s Hospital turned out to be a totally new experience and it was fun playing the part of Dr Kelly.

Maria Bessa, UK-based actress

“I love the concept; especially for developing countries, it comes really handy in communicating health issues to the people. I think the corporate organizations into health/food business in this part of the globe can take advantage and utilize the show to market their goods and services as well. It’s a program that means a lot of good to the people.

“At the moment we have filmed two seasons of the sitcom and it will be broadcast on all major TV stations across the African continent. I look forward to filming more seasons in the latter part of the year,” Bessa said.

George Jeffrey of Unistaworld International, Writer and Producer of the series, revealed that aside from the entertainment value, the health comedy series was driven by the desire to advise viewers on the need to take their health seriously.

“Over the years, I have seen how health issues are taken for granted in this part of the world and it is disheartening to see how people, young and old lose their lives over illnesses that could have been easily handled if there were enough enlightenment and facilities provided by the appropriate authorities,” he said.

“As a writer and content creator, I had to get proactive as I collaborated with my European associates to ensure ‘Kelly’s Hospital’ is filmed in Lagos Nigeria. Producing Kelly’s Hospital’ for me was fun, I’m doing what I love to do. I worked with some really good comedians and Actors from around the world and Nigeria,” the musician and actor added.

Jeffery hinted that Kelly’s Hospital shall be showing on selected terrestrial and satellite channels across the African continent and beyond. The franchised sitcom, he said, also has a Hollywood version to be shot with American and British actors and comedians in the works and it is being handled by the company’s headquarters in England.

Jeffery also pointed that viewers can follow the official Instagram handle @kellyshospitalnigeria for a chance to win fabulous prizes weekly from the sponsors of the program, stating that sponsorship is open to food or health manufacturing companies as well as mobile phone network providers.

Kelly’s Hospital is directed by Dr Henry Obidi.

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