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Aftermaths Of VGMA: Kelvynbwoy’s Silence Seems Quite Worrying — Part II


Aftermaths Of VGMA: Kelvynbwoy’s Silence Seems Quite Worrying — Part II

Composing music is one of the most unique talents anyone can inhibit. When such special traits are found within someone, the urge to write for transformation, promote love and so on comes naturally.

Whether musicians like it or not, their lives are scrutinized by their loyal fan bases, managers, family members and every other individual (whether interested in their crafts or not).

This publication seeks to have a needless background check towards ’s camp — in relation to what was written some weeks ago.

Tagged as the perpetual apprentice to the President of By His Imperial Majesty (BHIM), Stonebwoy, Kelvynbwoy’s impacts in Ghana’s Afrobeat cannot be overlooked. Technically, the impact Kelvynbwoy and 1Gad had during their time together is still fresh in the minds of fans (especially their Kpoo K3k3 collaboration). Because humans are born to agree or disagree with each other, it never came as a surprise when they decided to part ways. They actually played the controversy surrounding their fall out well till they could no longer continue to fool their respective fan bases.

Kelvynbwoy’s lifestyle suddenly came under the radar of some entertainment pundits and critics because they wanted to compare his solo efforts to when he rolled with Stonebwoy.

Well, many saw the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMA21) as the period for Kelvybbwoy to cement his success by winning the Afrobeat Music or whatever of the year until it was snatched away by Dope Nation. On a more serious note, the funny way in which Kelvynbwoy stormed out of the premises became the talk of the town for a while before the dusts settled. The question that begged for answers then and even now is whether he was emotionally unstable.

After storming out of the auditorium, fans expected him to do a live video challenging the decision of Charter House on that category or calling for a review of that category’s award — but, as usual, he’s been mute for fear of a possible ban like what happened to Shatta Wale or even something worse.

Could he be gathering the momentum to pursue the aforementioned agenda?

What is your take on this?


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