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Age Controversy Trails Actress Uche Jombo


Age Controversy Trails Actress Uche Jombo

The future awards recently nominated actress Uche Jombo in the best actress award category and all hell has broken loose.the reason is that the future awards does not nominate anyone over 32yrs of age and some people have petitioned the awards committee that Uche Jombo is not 31yrs old as published by the future awards but 42yrs old.!!!

The outcry by the supposed people who know was pouring in so much that i contacted the awards committee and this is what they had to say through the creative director Chude jideonwo.

”.“We certainly have had more than a few complaints about the ages of one or two nominees.

We sincerely appreciate those reactions and the fact that people feel so strongly about this awards process confirms to us that people believe in what we are doing Over the years we have had to withdraw the nominations of a few nominees who have been unable to prove their actual ages; indeed The Future Awards is one of the very few processes that actually demands proof of nominees’ claims.“However, it is to be noted that nominees have submitted legal documents that corroborate the ages they have given. And unless complainants are able to direct us to documents and evidence that disprove them, we have no choice but to respect legally admissible proofs”.

The next move was contacting the actress and I asked her the following questions

-How old are you

-What year were you born?

-How old is your older and younger sibling?

-What proof did you present to the future awards committee?

Her response?read further

”My age is my business and no one else’,that i don’t talk about my age is because its not important.

Over the years i have heard all sorts of number attributed to me but i have kept quiet because those who matter know how old i am.

The future awards always verifies age before they accept nomination, people should leave me alone and face their lives and work because i face my work and mind my business.

if i am 42,what does that make my mum?my mum is 52yrs old so will that mean she was twelve years old when she had me her third child?

I was born on December 28, immediate older sibling was born in 1977 and my immediate younger sibling was born in 1981.I presented enough facts to show my real age so I don’t see why people are petitioning the awards committee.are they the ones who gave birth to me? i don’t really respond to some certain things but this time it seems silence isn’t golden.this is the fact,i am 31yrs old on my next birthday:

Those spreading the wrong number should get their mathematics right.i have said enough on this issue,now let me get back to work,i am on location right now,this is so annoying but i just refuse to get angry,instead I say merry Christmas to all my fans”.

I even went a step further by calling mama Uche Jombo to make it a wrap and the mother said in no minced words ”all these reporters please get your facts right,i had Uche in 1979, December 28th.;the people who are saying shes older,were they there with me on this day when i was in labour?”.

Due to the brouhaha,the future awards had to specially Verify Uches age two times and they stand on their ground with the facts presented to them and the actress is up for the best actress awards category!

So here’s my advice… if you still think otherwise,please present a copy of her birthday certificate stating she is 42yrs of age and a picture of yourself standing near the mother during childbirth!!!

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