Agya Koo And Van Vicker Meet At Silverbird

Agya Koo And Van Vicker Meet At Silverbird

Popular Ghanaian actor Van Vicker and Agya Koo are expected to be the sensation tonight at the Silverbird Cinema as their new movie, ‘Joni Waka’, hits the big screens tonight via a grand premiere.

The movie stars Van Vicker and Agya Koo who worked together for the first time. Earlier this week, Van described Agya Koo as an exceptional and great comedian.

‘Joni Waka’ tells the story of Joni (Van Vicker). He goes back to his village because he has made a discovery about his homeland. He has a plan and just how to get it but his unofficial guide, Paa Nii (Agya Koo), “the village eye”, gets things complicated.

Meanwhile, the innkeeper’s wife expresses her affection for Joni.
‘Joni Waka’ is produced by Sky Orange Production and directed by Van Vicker.

Van said he decided to do the movie to bridge the gap between Twi and English actors. He considered it a unique thing to further push the frontiers of filmmaking in Ghana.


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