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Agya Koo Denies Chasing His Sales Girl


Agya Koo Denies Chasing His Sales Girl

Popular actor, Kofi Adu, a.k.a Agya Koo, has denied ever taking his former shop attendant, Cecilia Tandoh along on any of his shows outside Kumasi.

Cecilia, 24, who is standing trial for allegedly stealing GH¢ 60,000 belonging to her former boss had claimed that her refusal to have sex with Agya Koo led to actor manufacturing the embezzlement story against her.

When the case was for the fifth time at the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly Circuit Court last week, counsel for Cecilia wanted to know from the complainant (Agya Koo) whether he ever went out with the accused. He answered in the negative.

The counsel, who was cross-examining Agya Koo mentioned to him that there were two occasions he (Agya Koo) allegedly took the accused to Sunyani Kwahu. Agya Koo denied it.

To another question whether the accused knew his house, Agya Koo answered in the affirmative explaining that it was natural since she was his secretary.

Cecilia, who was in charge of the Tetemofra Film and Music Production shop owned by Agya Koo at Bantama in Kumasi is standing trail for allegedly stealing.

She had pleaded not guilty to the charge, and at the last sitting, the presiding , Mr William Boampong, adjourned the case to January 30, 2012.

According to the prosecution, the shop attendant had run the shop on behalf of Agya Koo for the past four years. Items sold at the shop include DVD players, mobile phones, blank VCDs and VCDs of both local and foreign movies.There was also a photocopier machine at the shop used for commercial purposes.

It is alleged that the accused opened five separate accounts in her name with the Multi Credit Savings and Loans in Kumasi where she paid in salesfrom the shop.

Within the period of four years as shopkeeper, Tandoh is alleged to have divertedpart of the revenue from the shop to to rent accommodation at Bohyen, a Kumasi suburb for herself and her family.

Cecilia allegedly also used part of the revenue from the shop to build a house in her hometown in the Sefwi area as well as paid her fees in advance when she gained admission into the Ghana Baptist University College (GBUC).

The alleged embezzlement was detected in May 2011, when the accused refused to answer her boss's phone calls after vacating her pos.

Following an agreement reached between Agya Koo and the family of the accused, the actor agreed to settle the matter at home upon a request from the other party.

The condition was that Cecilia was to pay GH¢4, 000.00 every month until the entire GH¢60, 000.00 was recovered.

However, after paying only GH¢5, 000.00 Cecilia allegedly stopped the payment.

Cecilia had denied the allegation against her saying that her refusal to allegedly have sexual affair with her boss (Agya Koo) had resulted in her being branded a thief.

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