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AK Songstress set to release new single ‘6 Pack’


AK Songstress set to release new single ‘6 Pack’

imagesAce female dancehall artiste Ak Songstress seems to be doing a lot behind close doors.

After shooting the videos for “Machine Man, Holiday, Doppy Conquer” and recently jumping on Rashid Mettal’s hottest banger in the country “Baafira”, the Songstress is yet to release another jim-dandy titled “6 PACK”. Of course swarm of music lovers will ask why did she decide to name the song 6 PACK?.

The reason is very simple. Most people of today especially men, do not live healthy life, etc.

It is incontrovertible fact that women who are very responsible, if not all most are very careful with their diets, they visit the gym most often to burn some fats and to keep their bodies in shape and healthy, etc.

Dissimilar to men, if not all, they find it very difficult to visit the gym frequently, check their diets, the in-take of alcohol specifically beer, etc.

So Ak Songtress’ concept for the song is for the men to also keep fit, look good and be healthy because, when they keep fit they look good in anything they wear.

Clearly it’s not only women who have to look good and sexy. Men want sexy women, women also want sexy men.


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