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Akosua Agyepong ordained as a pastor


Akosua Agyepong ordained as a pastor

Evergreen songstress, Akosua Agyepong who shot into the limelight in the 80s with her sweet voice dance moves has been ordained a .

Akosua is undoubtedly one of Ghana's finest when it comes to singing and dancing. These two attributes has kept her close to the hearts of many for several years now.

Akosua Adjapong told that she was ordained a pastor two months ago to propagate the word of through music.

Narrating the ordination, Akosua said it happened “about two months ago, you know my husband is a pastor and we had these visitors from London and in my church, we have a church at called House of God International Prayer Ministries, and I do start with worship and I give them motivational messages…

“…sometimes, when I sing in worship, it is like God told me things about people I have never even met before. I call and ask them, they confirm it and we pray together. So these archbishops came to Ghana to ordain some pastors. I wasn't part of it. I was only going to be ordained as an ambassador for music.”

She said it however came as a surprise to her when one of the of God came to her and said the lord said she should be ordained a pastor.

“One of the pastors said you were supposed to be ordained as an ambassador of music for our council but the lord said I should ordain you as a pastor.”

Akosua Agyepong said she wants to keep her name, or Mrs Asamoah-Larbi, without the pastoral accolade and that she is not new to God's calling and work.

“I advice people especially the young ones and married couples…it is something I have been doing years back, so it's not something new to me. I will continue to do the good work that my God has chosen me to do,” she said.

Story by Ernest Dela Aglanu/

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