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Alexandra Stephanie Buggs,Like Mama Like Auntie


Alexandra Stephanie Buggs,Like Mama Like Auntie Stephanie Buggs may not ring any bell now but you are about to get the connection.She is 1/3 of the UK girl band STOOSHE( a term used to describe something that is expensive) comprising Courtney,Karis and of course Alex,who have been nominated for a MOBO Award.

Born to the beautiful and talented Stephanie Benson,Alexandra Buggs calls none other  but Akosua Agyapong her auntie so you see it is true what they say,”The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From The Tree”.To have all these sexy and talented women in one family is just amazing.

Alexandra Buggs was born on November 1,1989 in Britain and boy! does she love her mama’s jollof rice,goat meat stew with yams and plantain. She knows how to keep the connection with the motherland intact if by nothing else,the Ampesi should do it just fine.

For a young woman blazing the trail of her mother and auntie,Alex is not in the least affected by the pressure to deliver and with her STOOSHE aunties beside her,her hard work has paid off as STOOSHE is blasted on UK radio and heard  across the world.Listening to them brings the good times of MOTOWN back.

Imagine the smiles on the faces of mama Stephanie Benson and Auntie Akosua Agyapong when their lil Alex and STOOSHE were nominated for the MOBO Award. That is the reason why i’m making it a campaign for all Ghanaian women to vote for STOOSHE as a matter of fact guys have got to get on the voting wagon as well.The ladies of STOOSHE are HOT ! register and vote here

Let’s rock the vote for STOOSHE  as you watch the video of their popular single BLACK HEART



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