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All-4-Real On His Mission To Win Souls For Christ


All-4-Real On His Mission To Win Souls For Christ

240x_mg_nriu48xlk2_2ofori_amponsahFamous Highlife musician Ofori Amponsah also known as Mr. All 4 Real, has now hung his gloves on secular music and is on a mission to win souls for God’s Kingdom. Ofori Amponsah is currently in the United States and has responded to several invitations to preach, praise, worship , and share his testimony to the glory of God.

Ofori Amponsah is now a spirit filled born again, tongue speaking man of God with the special gifts of healing and prophecy. He is the founder and leader of the Family of Faith and Love Ministries at Ofankor in Accra, Ghana. He prefers being called Brother rather than Prophet, Pastor or Mr. All 4 Real.

Afrikan Post caught up with the man of God in Alexandria, Virginia where he graciously granted us an interview.

According to Ofori Amponsah he spent most of his childhood years at Agogo, his hometown in the Ashanti region of Ghana and attended Konongo Odumasi Secondary School. When he later moved to Accra he said he was actively involved in Church activities as a member of the Tesano Baptist Church before he turned away from God and pursued the music career in 1994.

Writing and composing music was part of his life as he started writing music at the age of 15. Whilst looking for support to pursue his music career he came into contact with Daddy Lumba, a veteran highlife musician and composer who decided to sign him on as an artist on his record label. “There was a time I had to leave school without permission to go and record and I was kicked out.

Unfortunately the songs were never released so I went back to school to complete my advance level program. After this episode I surrendered my life to Jesus but Lumba tried to woo me back. I had an encounter with the Holy Spirit and my life was transformed around 1997. My Church wanted to enroll me in the seminary but it was not forth coming and as a young man I needed to start something , so I went to secular music just like Peter went back to fishing”.

Ofori Amponsah recalls how he had the opportunity to sing with Daddy Lumba on stage in 1996. “After a long spell with Daddy Lumba it was not until 1999 that my first album was released titled Auntie Attaa.”

When we inquired as to whether the album was under Daddy Lumba’s name or his he said, “it was my own album. There were 7 songs by me and 2 by Daddy Lumba. It was my own album but the voice and composition sounded like Daddy Lumba’s music. We parted ways after 7 years of working together and I decided to move on . I had recorded songs but they were not released until 1999.”

On Daddy Lumba’s influence on his life he went on to say, “I owe my rise to fame to Daddy Lumba as he supported me, but my talent was actually discovered by one Marcus .I would say Marcus was the engine and Daddy Lumba was the fuel.

Ofori Amponsah released his first solo album in 2000 after he parted with Daddy Lumba. The nine track album sold over 70,000 copies in the first two weeks. “I also released songs like

Papa Kofi ba, Sardine, Rakia, Otoo lege , Emmanuela, and did Yaw Dompreh in collaboration with Kofi B. I later followed up with Odwo in 2008.”

As we delved into the background of his calling he narrated “The calling is a story people don’t know about and I would like to use this as an opportunity to share. It all started when a friend told me about life. I had a problem with my girlfriend and through the broken heart I went to the Abeka Pentecost Church in Accra.

After 3 days I encountered the Holy Spirit at a Church meeting. The Lord was the fuel for me to come out as I was worried about what was going in on knowing life to me would end someday.

I felt the need to experience God in this life. It was not an easy thing.

I had drifted from the things of God and in 1997, I was praying and a prophecy came over my life that in 10 years’ time I would come back to The Lord. Also I had a dream that confirmed it. In the dream I saw a river and I saw myself fetching water in a bowl and giving to others but when I decided to fetch my own water my bowl was full of fish. It was then that I realized it was time to answer to the call of God. True to the prophecy, my interest in music started waning in 2008. I noticed I was becoming disinterested in music in 2008. I then started fasting and praying and seeking God’s direction for my life. I submitted to God and everything fell into place.”

The ace musician confirmed that the Lord has given him the gift of knowledge, prophecy and healing ministry though which he is led by the spirit to find the sick and pray for them. “Through this experience I believe God is leading me to a higher level of love.”

To his fans he gave this assurance, “I am not neglecting my fans but I want to demonstrate to them that there is a time for everything and as clay in the hands of God I submit to Him to mold my character and direct my path. This is a testimony of what God can do in one’s life.”

The question on everybody’s mind is what happens to all the music he has composed and whether he is now going to record gospel music. Ofori Amponsah’s answer to that is, “Well my music is still on the market.

There is nothing wrong with people buying them. I don’t think my music had any bad lyrics. They were focused on love and moral issues which are good for the society. God has just moved me to a higher level. I would only record as I am led by the Holy Spirit, but for now , I will be doing live praise and worship when given the opportunity.”

The man of God is in the United States to seek the face of God for a new direction in his life. He said, “God revealed to me that He would plant me in the United States so my mission is also to survey the system and discover His direction for my life”.

Ofori Amponsah has currently left his ministry in Ghana in the hands of a couple of Pastors as he responds to the call of God to be a mouth piece to encourage and lead people to God whilst he is in the United States.

The highlife musician turned Pastor who looked up to Michael Jackson and Don Moen as role models during his music career says contrary to his expectation on how people would accept him when he converted , things have been very smooth and a lot of ministers have given him the opportunity to speak from their pulpit .

He went on to say, “I would like to express my appreciation to all the fans in the United States especially the All 4 real Fan club, Auntie Maggie of BM Boutique in Alexandria and Cigaro who have supported me through my music career”.

Ofori Amponsah would be hosting a praise and worship program at the Divine Word Ministry in Alexandria Virginia on March 16, 2013.

20 February 2013 Last updated at 16:30 CET

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