Am In Love With A Man Twice My Age’ – Tommy Annan Forson’s Wife-To-Be

805110042_803907It is unlikely that former Joy FM and Radio XYZ presenter, Nana Yaa Agyare would be familiar with Shabba Ranks old-school reggae song that goes:

I’m in love with a man, nearly twice my age,

Don’t know what it is, but it’s a hit from me youthful days,

As I go my way, I don’t care what people say,

I’m in love with a man, nearly twice my age.

Certainly, however, her husband-to-be, ace radio broadcaster Tommy Annan Forson must have played that song one time or the other on radio. In a few weeks, that song will come to life when Tommy ties the knot with his sweetheart, thirty-something year old Nana Yaa.

It was Tommy himself who dropped the hint at the maiden DJ Awards held last week in Accra. When he walked onto the stage to receive a Lifetime Achievement Award for his contribution to the development of radio and music in the country, Tommy couldn’t hide his joy of finding a new love and dedicated the award to her.

The announcement drew loud cheers from the crowd indicating their excitement about the latest news in town but after all the cheers, one question that remained on the lips of many was “who’s this lady who has “arrested” the heart of the broadcasting idol?

Though many expected the woman who in few weeks would earn the title of “Mrs Annan Forson” to be of his age or almost of his age, the opposite turned out to be the case when a young lady in her mid thirties who was sitting next to him waved her hand as a sign of acceptance.

Later Nana Yaa told Showbiz that love is not influenced by age, or race, or colour or size. “Marriage is based on the understanding and compatibility between both parties remarking that, “age will not be a factor if you both know the reason for being in the relationship”.

She said that even though she had known Tommy from afar and have been inspired by his broadcasting prowess, the thought of him being her future husband never crossed her mind.

She said that her friendship with Tommy started when he was coming to Joy FM to present a programme that had been specially designed for him.

“I quite remember that during those times, anytime he came to Joy and I was ready to get on air, he will coach me and correct my diction, look through the script to correct any mistakes before eventually I leave for the presentation. For me, he had being my mentor since my broadcasting career and has always been my motivator in the midst of challenges associated with my job”.

For Nana Yaa, she sees no reason why she has to let age be a deciding factor in her future happiness.

“I love him because irrespective of his status, he is not arrogant and domineering but he is God fearing, loving, understanding, patient, has a pure heart and we are compatible. Despite the age differences, he takes my counsel and accepts me the way I am. What else can a woman ask for in a man? My dear, when you see a good thing, grab it quickly” she said humorously.

When asked if she is not afraid to be widowed early, this is what she had to say “Today both young and old are dying so what is the assumption that I will be widowed after marrying him. That assumption doesn’t occur to me because it will be more fulfilling to spend a day with someone who truly loves, cares and appreciates me because that is enough for me. Besides, I don’t live for society but I live to support society and I believe that I have come to give him long life”.

The ace broadcaster who bumped into the interview could not hide his humorous side when he described his future better half as “respectful, intelligent, hardworking and beautiful young lady who every man would love to have as a wife”.

Source: Gifty Owusu-Amoah/Graphic Showbiz

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