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American Idol Reject Mawuena Kodjo Attacks Ryan Seacrest on Twitter


American Idol Reject Mawuena Kodjo Attacks Ryan Seacrest on Twitter

Togolese American Idol reject and country music star wannabe Mawuena Kojo who massacred Rascal Flats' I WONT LET GO on national TV and later  took to to lambaste American Idol host, Ryan Seacrest. You see, sometimes I wonder why some of these aspiring American Idol contestants make it on to show at all. You know, I applaud them for their courage at least they had the guts to make themselves a laughing stock on national tv if worldwide.

So back to our friend Mawuena Kojo,he had the audacity to vent his spleen on twitter for having been rejected. Did he really think he had the pipes to woo the judges ? HE even went to the extent of calling Seacrest the “N” word . I mean really ? Below are excepts of his tirade on twitter.

“@RyanSeacrest screw you seacrest. You shall be hunted and put on a stake..nigga”

“@MyNamesJniggeyy Peace and Wealth to you my dear friend. Join me and my tribe in the hunt for seacrest?”

“I knew I should have pulled the friendly tribal Butt sex hand shake with Steven Tyler.”

“I shall prove all yal wrong , I will be the first African country music star. And I will bring the golden cantaloupe back to my tribe!”

Well Mawuena Kojo, your 15 minutes of fame is over. Get yourself some education in some other field and leave the singing to the  “HAVE ITS” obviously you didn't tell your grandma where you were going.She definitely would have told you the truth.


Mean while Season 10 American Idol alum, Naima Adedapo has signed a record deal. That's one I didn't exactly expect, but good for her.The  Reporters says the American Idol Season 10 finalist has inked a deal with Peak Records will release her first album set to be released later this year, and a 3-song EP to be released in March.

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