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Angela’s Actor Boyfriend Mad Over Naked Breast


Angela’s Actor Boyfriend Mad Over Naked Breast

latest twist to the leaked naked photos of actress Tabiri is that her boyfriend, Jerry Botwe, has denied being responsible for the leaked photographs.

After the photographs reached the media, Angela expressed and explained that they were private photographs she took with her boyfriend but the camera's memory card got stolen and that was how the photos got leaked.

But her current boyfriend, Jerry, a fast rising actor, has denied ever taking nude photographs of Angela. “Those who know I am dating her are putting pressure me and blaming me for taking the photographs but what they do not know is that Angela is not talking about me. She is talking about her ex and they broke up before I started going out with her. But because I am an actor and people know we are dating, they think I am the one she is talking about. It makes me sick because I can't and won't take the blame,” Jerry explained.

He added: “I have been a victim myself when during the shooting of ‘Sons of Satan', I had to go naked for a scene and later the photos got published in the media. I know how it feels to wake up one day and see your nakedness in the newspapers but I am a guy and it did not hurt me as much as it would hurt a lady. I won't do that to the one I love and people should understand when this happened – and stop dragging me in.”

Jerry and his boss were recently in the news when they locked horns over the movie ‘Sons of Satan'. The naked hard buttocks of Jerry hit the screens in ‘Sons of Satan', though the actor had vowed that he would never show his nakedness in a movie. News-One gathered that movie producer Socrates Sarfo, at the last minute, added a pornographic scene that showed the buttocks and sex organ of Jerry in ‘Sons of Satan'.

The added scene generated a nasty misunderstanding between Sarfo and Botwe, as it was quite pornographic in nature and showed the actor completely naked in a bathroom, with his manhood dangling between his thighs.

It also captures the actor with an erected male organ as he was throwing a towel around his neck. According to Socrates, after he did a critics screening of the movie, a couple of movie producers who spoke to him said it would not make economical sense if he did not add a little bit of nudity to the movie.

He said during the movie, there was a part Jerry had to strip naked to take his bath and all this was captured on film, with an understanding that the parts that showed his manhood would be edited. But because of the feedback from the critics screening, the agreement to edit Jerry's nakedness could not .

Socrates, reports said, therefore went for re-editing and added the naked scene to the movie.

One of the technical persons in the editing room however hinted the actor about the development but when Jerry rushed to the studio to confront Socrates over the matter, the producer insisted he had paid the actor for the role and so there was nothing he could do about it.
News-One has also been informed that Socrates has released the movie with the naked scene unedited.

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