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Anita Erskine sings the blues on ‘Crazy’


Anita Erskine sings the blues on ‘Crazy’

Popular Ghanaian broadcaster/producer and anchor of Studio 53, Anita Erskine has returned to a passion that many of her fans may not know her for – singing! Anita was part of a music group back in the 1990s and surprisingly, she was bursting out some raps back in the days. But for those who never heard any of those experimental stuff, fast forward to 2011 and you would hear a more mature Anita doing more soulful stuff on works such as the just leaked song, ‘Crazy’.

On ‘Crazy’, Anita talks about being in love and the feelings that come with it, in the most poetic way. If indeed art imitates life then it shouldn’t be hard to tell whom she spoke about when she opened the song with “See love, it’s a beautiful thing but…there was a time when I was hot for this man, he gave my life a new meaning”. Yes, must be her husband with whom she has tow lovely children with.

The song, produced by Kwam1 also features some hooks from rapper, Dia Toure who only bragged about his sexual prowess in typical West Coast style. According to rumours both Anita and Dia Toure belong to an emerging record label that is expected to launch in Ghana later this year

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