Anumaa Embarks on Back to School Project

imagesThere are a lot of needs to be satisfied in this world but the most critical is education. When you educate someone then you give the person a chance to stand on his own in life and be dependent. Education also helps in expression and gives you knowledge to understand the world.
Education is a good cause but comes at a price which most people don’t have. We can help them with money but the best is to educate them so they can be better people who will help build our nation
Most children are missing out on education; they can’t go to school due to their survival. They have to work to feed themselves before they can think of education. Some children don’t even have access to good schools so they are discouraged to attend.
Anumaa the man behind the mask on an educational project Back 2 School, which comes with an official music to make it easy spread the message worldwide on his mission of helping send children both Boy and girl child go to school.
We must all come together to educate the future leaders of this country and lend our support in every possible way. Support Anumaa to help these children to have a better future with good education. Imagine you couldn’t read anything on this page. Imagine walking down the street, not being able to read signs or being able to add up your wages.
You can help uphold every child’s right to an education. Share The Music with love ones today, To keep this project growing at large, and not only giving children the chance to go to school, but also save their lives and protect their childhoods

Monica Otumfuor

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