Apology To My Husband – Harrina Alexander Writes To John Dumelo

19493467_594701It looks like Harrinna Alexander, the ‘wife’ of John Dumelo, is on a road to reconciliation with the star actor who is reportedly in the USA currently. I received an email titled ‘Apology to my husband’ and it reads as follows:

To My husband John,

I have no excuse for what happened and saying “I’m sorry” hardly seems adequate. But if you could forgive me this time, I promise you this will never happen again. Both the suffering that I’ve caused you and the misery I feel now show me that breaking my word causes too much damage to both of us to ever want to do it again. Whatever selfish gratification I thought I’d gain by my foolish act has disappeared like a wisp of cloud under the noonday sun. All that remains is guilt and a stronger resolve to be not only the woman you want me to be, but to be the woman that I want myself to be. It hurts me because I hurt you, and I know that I had no right to do,all the things that I’ve done,but I’m not the only one,to have made mistakes,and now my heart breaks,because I hurt you , but now I know,how stupid I really was, to do what I did, and I’m hurting because, It was such a stupid thing to do so here I am, saying words that few will say I am sorry for putting our marriage out to the public, sorry for the bad things I said about you. I really want our marriage to workout. So please forgive me for all the damage I have caused. I also want to apologize to Ameway Debrah for the things I said to him, he was only doing his job by putting news that he received from me out. All I want now is for my husband to forgive me and know that my apology is sincere. I really want to work things out. Sorry John for all.

Source: ameyawdebrah.com

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