Apple Restricts News App Content in China

Apple Restricts News App Content in China


Apple may have the autonomous power to content distribution within Europe, USA and other parts of the world – Apple customers – whereas China gives them limited options but enforce regulations. situations where they could control stored information on personal devices a concern to privacy.

Apple did $13 million in business in the third quarter, making China second largest market, as reported by The New Times, a little choice but to follow business regulations. Dan Kennedy, an associate professor of journalism Northeastern University said, “if Apple is in fact withholding all content from its news app users in China, rather than censoring individual stories, then that strikes me as an understandable if un satisfying policy.”

Bill Hagestes, a global information security researcher explains, “under the new Chinese cyber security law, if foreign companies do not follow the guidance and direction of the Communist Party and their various Internet control entities inside China, then they’re not welcome to have their applications and technologies used by Chinese citizens”. A law motivated by malware in China. Hagestad told TechNewsWorld, “malware was delivered through legitimate application from the App Stores inside the People’s Republic of China and impacted Apple users in China and Taiwan, so this is a bonafide reaction from the Chinese government”.

A place where censorship seemed very effective especially in an inefficient Marketplace, a wrong decision by Apple will open the door for another company to news if they get blocked.

Bennett Haselton, webmaster of states, “in China if Apple disables an App, it’d sometimes because they’re forced to, but in the West, sometimes they disable an App just because they want to, and few people will go to the trouble of circumventing their restrictions.”

By Antwi Odrey

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