Are Female Musicians In Ghana Doing The Industry Any Good?

Are Female Musicians In Ghana Doing The Industry Any Good?

On the global musical scene, names such as Rihanna, Beyonce, Adele, Celine Dion and Cece Winans readily come to mind when contributions of female musicians to the development of the industry are mentioned.

These female musicians among a host of others are rubbing shoulders with their male counterparts and receiving world acclaimed recognition for their talents which have won the admiration of a lot of music enthusiasts.

However, such feats have not been achieved on a silver platter since it takes a lot of hard work to reach that peak in the industry. But could the impact other female musicians are making globally be said about out Ghanaian female musicians?

It is an undeniable fact that on the gospel scene, the female musicians rub shoulders with their male counterparts, but the same cannot be said about the Hip Life industry.

The Ghana Hip Life scene is gradually making impact on the global music scene but it seems the male musicians are championing that course on a lone path without much support from the females. Why do I say this? For the past two years or more, I have noticed with much dismay the retrogression in our female celebrities’ musical career.

In the past years, tracks like Becca’s ‘You Lied to me’, Eazzy’s ‘Wengeze, and Tiffany’s Fake London Boy’, ruled the airwaves with their creativity but that cannot be said today since their singles are not making any impact and their popularity is sinking fast.

I know a section of the public will argue that the likes of Efya, Becca and the new kid on the bloc-Kaakie, are making waves in the industry; but are that enough? Many have argued that our female musicians do not attract many deals to perform because their songs are nothing to write home about and their brands are weak with regard to attracting endorsements.

Instead of tackling the above problems, our female musicians rather spend precious time, energy and money on enhancing their personal appearances because of their celebrity status but not working hard to improve their talent and skills.

One female artiste, whose latest works people have expressed dissatisfaction about, considering the fire with which she entered the industry, is Tiffany. Personally, even though I strongly believe Tiffany has great talent which is yet to be unearthed in the industry, her works seem to be deteriorating and she is not alone in this ‘mess’.

That is not to say that all the female musicians are not making any meaningful impact in the industry (Becca, Efya, Kaakie, and Raquel are currently making waves), but the reality is that, they need to brace themselves up for the daunting task ahead.

Our female musicians need to fix up and work harder to avoid being over-shadowed and relegated to the background by the male counterparts. They need to develop their God given talents and take serious the business of music if they want to excel.

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