Arts Centre to come alive with ” The Mad Man Of Bolga”

Arts Centre to come alive with ” The Mad Man Of Bolga”

FB_IMG_1445558796442THE MAD MAN OF BOLGA is a play by Dr. Gheysika Agambila, former minister of state. The setting of this is Bolga and other towns relevant to the drama. The drama unfolds about the clash of ambitions in a family and the consequences of family conflict and uninhibited and naïve ambition. It is also a parable of post-independence social and political relations in an African country. It contains the story of the fight for material success in a challenging economic environment.
In this play, a younger brother has his older brother bound and kept at home. The younger brother now feels free to persuade  his younger sister to enter politics, to be a Parliamentary Candidate. The Mad Man’s desire is to be free so he can “smell the armpit of a woman” and his younger sister’s ambition is to enter Parliament to she can “help her people”…

Come meet the mad man of Bolga and understand whiles learning  some useful ethics.“THE MADMAN OF BOLGA  is by Oswald Okaitei, a talented   poet, playwright and Director has, over the years, has presented his original plays, IN THE BAG OF A WOMAN, BEAUTYFUL NONSENSE, WHO STOLE THE CASKET?, IN MAN’S LIBIDO, AGBAKO and is now set to present the latest, THE MAD MAN OF BOLGA!.

The cast of Characters for the play include Derick Adams, Naomi Hini, Juliana Acheampong, Audrey Nathan, Shiela Quartey, Stephen Djan, Rashid Obodai Provencal, Zita Benyiwa-Andoh and Richard Sedeyah and was produced by PLAY HOUSE.KOM.

The venue for this hilarious satire is the Centre for National Culture-Accra (Arts Centre). Time is 6pm prompt and rate is only Gh 10. As it is usual with PLAY HOUSE.KOM’s productions, Oswald Okaitei, one of Ghana’s finest poet/spoken word artiste would treat the audience with some poems before the play commences. Call 0244 174 908,  024717 9949 for tickets or be at the gate.


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