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Asamoah Gyan Runs To God


Asamoah Gyan Runs To God

The Black Stars of Ghana will today meet Guinea in the final match of group D at the Africa Cup of Nations and Ghanaian striker Asamoah Gyan says he and some of his team mates have embarked on a prayer and fasting session to seek God’s favour ahead of the match.

“I believe in training hard and playing with a team spirit as if all depends on the training and the team but I also pray as if all depends on God; this is an important match and aside our training, field work, preparation and everything, I fast and pray to God before such matches because God is real and in football all sorts of things happen.

“Some of my team mates also fast and pray to God before we hit the field. There are many times I have led our team in praise and worship sessions and I would call on Ghanaians at home and other countries to join us in the fasting and prayer if they can because man proposes but God alone disposes so we should not leave out God in anything we do; even including football,” Asamoah Gyan noted.

In an earlier interview with Asamoah, he called on Ghanaians to rally behind the Black Stars at the Africa Cup of Nations as the longer the team remains in the tournament, the more united the country remains.

Asamoah, also known as Baby Jet, told NEWS-ONE that the best thing he and his teammates could do for Ghana was to ensure that the Black Stars won the cup so as to further unite the country, especially in an election year.

“Football brings a lot of unity among us and it is one of the few things that allow us to put aside out political and religious differences to come together as one people, one country, God’s country. So in an election year like 2012, when there would be a lot of political heat, it is my prayer that the Black Stars would do well in the Nations Cup because the longer we stay in the tournament, the closer we remain united as one people.

“I would do my best not to fail Ghana and I know my team mates also have the same mind. We only need your prayers and support,” Asamoah told NEWS-ONE in an exclusive before he left the country for the tournament.

“I want to do something great for my country during this tournament and I won’t let my country down. My morale and spirits are very high and I know God would listen to our prayers.

“Apart from the training and field work, I believe in God that He has the ultimate say and personally I pray a lot and I know my teammates also pray. We believe in God and all I can say is that the God who brought us where we are now would take us where we belong and we belong to the top you know. Yeah. That is what I believe and that is what I would be working towards,” Asamoah Gyan said.

Source: A News-One Exclusive
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