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Ashley Cole & Jay-Z To Open London Club


Ashley Cole & Jay-Z To Open London Club

IN the oddest move in showbiz since JOEY BARTON palled up with MORRISSEY, ASHLEY COLE is branching out into charity work – with JAY-Z.
The pair are setting up a restaurant/nightclub which will employ unemployed people and donate some profits to good causes.

But anyone suddenly itching for a hamburger and Coke followed by a WKD on the dance floor should tuck their tongues away. The fellas are planning an ultra-posh eatery and have created a shortlist of top chefs to work there.

They are looking at pricey properties in London's Pall Mall area for the venue, which will be called 40/40 – the same as Jay's US chain of nightclubs. The Chelsea defender picked the right person to go into business with – the hip-hop mogul already owns successful clubs in five American cities.

He also has a multi-million pound clothing line called Rocawear, part-owns the New Jersey Nets basketball team and has invested heavily in a line of beauty products.

Ashley has been doing his fair share too – the England player put in a good stint researching nightclubs while out in LA recently.

Not all of the hard-earned pennies will go into the lads' bulging coffers though. Each month a percentage of the profits will go to different charities.

Ashley is also keen to put money into backing young film-makers in London.

A source said: “This is the perfect way for Ashley to improve his image.

“He's aware his football career won't last forever and this is the ideal way to launch into a new area of expertise. He knows that his reputation isn't great and working with charities and disillusioned young people would help.”

The lads will have plenty of A-List pals to invite to their club.

BEYONCE, and several high-profile footballers are being put forward as options for the line-up on their opening-night bash next year.

Stars are already requesting membership to guarantee the VIP access which money can' t buy.

Sounds like 40/40 is the new Nando's.

Source: the sun


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