Attention: Female Scammer On The Loose In Accra

imagesThere is a woman going by the name of Victoria Grant who is scamming and stealing money from innocent people over the Internet.

She is using the story that her uncle died and he left a fortune in gold and cash to her. But she needs so much money to pay the inheritance fees and storage fees in order to receive the money.

Once the money is paid, she comes up with an excuse that more money is needed. She has claimed to have been beaten and raped and in hospital for surgery and needs money to pay for medical treatment and medicine.

She also wants you to send money for food because she is starving and hasn’t eaten for two or three days. Her accomplices are Albert Adams, Barbara Annan, Benjamin Boateng, Raymond Sackey, Eric Nii Martey, and there were more.

She would never accept the money in her own name, another lie that her passport has to be renewed. She claims her address is 1st Kanda Road, Accra, Ghana. She claims that Fidelity Bank has the money and the banker, who doesn’t really work there, according to bank, wanted money to release funds. I would like the whole city of Accra to know that this woman is extorting money from innocent people on the Internet. I would also like to see people like this in jail. I only wish that I knew her real name.


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