Awal pens a letter to President Nana Addo in new single

Awal pens a letter to President Nana Addo in new single

Ghanaian rapper, Awal has recently raised his voice against a very serious issue by using the power of his music. Yes! You heard me right, he has dropped his latest track titled ‘Letter to the President’ in which he actually pens a letter to President Nana Akufo-Addo. The single has been produced by the well-known music maker, 420 Drums.

In the single ‘Letter to the President’, the rapper has highlighted some vital needs of children which he thinks are being neglected and wants the president to take action on it. He also appreciated the positive works of president in the letter, which is yet another amazing way to making someone accept your concerned proposal. He wants the president to provide proper platform for talented kids as they are the future of Ghana.

If you haven’t listened to the amazing single yet, then you are missing out a great deal. It is attached below, listen to it right away.

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