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Azealia Banks Wants You to Know…

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Azealia Banks Wants You to Know…


Azealia Banks

The other day Azealia Banks claimed she wants to stay out of the media for things that have nothing to do with her actual music, but it appears she’s not really taking the steps to make that a reality.

Now she’s back in the headlines for taking to social media recently to defend skin bleaching.

The other day Aealia got some backlash because she revealed she is selling skin bleaching kits, but the rapper wants people to stop putting down those who choose to lighten their skin.

She writes the following on Facebook:

skin bleachers are people too!!!
We have feelings and emotions and it’s not fair to act as if we are aliens or accuse us of self-hate or try to ostracize us from the black community when the world already does a good enough job of ostracizing the black populous from humanity as a whole.
It sucks! And it’s painful and exacerbates the insecurities we may or may not already have.
eve if it IS indicative of mental illness, WHY DO YOU THINK THATS SOMETHING TO LAUGH ABOUT OR POKE FUN AT?!
Everyone’s black experience is different. It’s not all cocoa butter, Christianity, cornbread and collard greens for everyone.
There is a WHOLE community of black people who bleach their skin for WHATEVER reason and it’s about time black folk and people as a whole stop denigrating and accept us for who the f*ck we are.
For f*cks sake…..

By: Samuel Nyarko

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