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Azonto Goes To University


Azonto Goes To University

A symposium look at ways in which Azonto, dance and music fad to hit the nation could be exploited for economic and social development is in the offing.

Planned to take place at the Institute of African Studies at the University of Ghana, Legon by the end of next February, the conference will have among its panel of discussants Azonoo proponent, Obidimpon Sarkodie and music producer, EL.

They will hold the discourse musicologists and the intellectual and corporate community to trace the development of Azonto, and find ways to give the craze longevity, and make it a symbol of modern Ghana.

Azonto is bitingly originally GH – a construct of the new Ghanaian! It lends a parlance for describing everything popular that happens in the country, like this year's African Nations Cup () which has started being regarded as the Azonto AFCON!

Azonto is swagger, but more importantly, it is GH, and is gaining increasing a lot of national and international popularity, growing to become one of those cult trends that tend to bind us as Ghanaians by default. “If culture is constructed as ‘the arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively' or the ‘attitudes and behavior characteristic of a particular social group,' then Azonto, whose display enthralls , cutting across and old, must become part of our culture now,” contends conference convener, PaJohn Dadson.

The impending symposium, titled Harnessing Azonto for Ghana's Socio-Cultural and Economic Development is being organized by ACVB Events in collaboration with The World Bank Ghana Office and Graphic Communications Group Limited with assistance from a number organizations including GH One, Ameyaw and Dust Magazine.

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