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Ban all telenovelas in Ghana – Kofi Adjorlolo


Ban all telenovelas in Ghana – Kofi Adjorlolo

imagesRenowned Ghanaian actor, Kofi Adjorlolo has called for the ban of telenovelas from airing on our local television stations. According to the veteran actor, these soap operas are dwindling the Ghanaian movie industry.

Speaking to Bra Chef on Radio Univers, he advised Ghanaians to take a cue from Nigerians who ones banned these limited-run serial dramas which made it rare to watch such series in the country.

He noted that “the telenovelas are ‘killing’ the industry so they should stop all these Mexican things they have been showing; I will say this over and over again. They should rather concentrate on what we are doing here. You know in Nigeria you can’t show Mexican series, at a time it was banned – it’s rare.”

He stressed that “if I, Kofi Adjorlolo had my own way as the president of the private TV stations association or whatever they call it, I will ban it. I will make sure my executives agree to it and we concentrate on how to produce more Ghanaian movies and series. If possible the TV stations should bring money to produce such kind of series.”

The award-winning actor stated that television stations that show these series with the aim of entertaining their viewers are making things difficult for actors and movie producers in the country. He added that, TV stations pay higher amount of money to movie producers who submit these soap operas to them than those who present local movies.

“The television stations have made things difficult for us. I don’t even think that they themselves they realize it. They know that they want to entertain their viewers by showing them these films.”

“…Even the TV stations prefer to pay the people who bring the Mexican soaps more than what they will give to the Ghanaian movie producer.”

Kofi Adjorlolo who was recently honoured as a Nollywood legend disclosed that Ghanaian movies have received international recognition because of the improvement in its content so TV stations “should try as much as possible to discourage the taste of the consumer for such soap operas to inculcate the habit of patronizing local movies.”


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