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Ban Tonto Dike. Boycott Her Movies


Ban Tonto Dike. Boycott Her Movies

Please help STOP Tonto Dike from acting. The girl is atrocious, she cannot act. If Nigeria has a porn industry, she is better of working there. She will make a very good porn star. the debauchery she exhibits in every she is in is enough to tell us that.

Please boycott all movies Tonto Dike in it. If it pleases the actors guild, please ban this girl. she is a total disgrace to the growing nigerian film industry. The only reason producers keep using Tonto is because she is a whore.

She is the sex element for them to use in selling their films to all of us hypocrites. We like sex, like to see it, but when Socrates Safo makes real porn for us, we yell at him. Thus, producers will put in Tonto.

Knowing she will wring her mouth, put pressure her face, make ugly faces and we think its cool as if that is what happens in Hollywood. Tonto thinks that is what will get her into Hollywood or that is what happens there? ignorant idiot she is in addition to being a cheap prostitute.

Shame on all the producers, actors and crew of dirty secret. Muna Obiekwe. Your nose like someone stepped on it. You too. next week is yours.


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