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Bandana Arrests Ex-Doe


Bandana Arrests Ex-Doe

The once popular hip life musician, Ex-Doe found himself in the grips of the police last week when he drafted Bandana’s name on a concert without informing him.

“He deserved it and mainly they want to spoil my name. He organized a show with my name on the bill, posters and radio adverts which was all around”, Bandana explained about what happened.

Bandana went on saying that Ex-Doe later called him after the posters and radio adverts were already out.

“Ex-Doe called me and I said he should have informed me before putting my name on the bill but he said that’s why he has called me now. My management team was so mad about what Ex-Doe did and they asked him to pay a performance fee of GH?3000 to which he said he could afford only GH?200”.

With aforementioned money, Bandana’s manager told Ex-Doe that he will report him to the police; what even made it worse was that, it took over a week to get Ex-Doe on phone again because he was playing ‘hide and seek’ with Bandana’s team.

After numerous failed attempts, they finally got him for an oral agreement a day before the show and met him. Bandana’s objective was to get his performance fee but Ex-Doe still insisted on paying him GH?200.

“He thought I was joking and I told him, if he doesn’t pay me then I will have to settle this with him at the police station which I did and the police understood my story and detained him for two days.

Ex-Doe was charged with impersonation but as at now Ex-Doe has been released on bail as they are still in talks about payments.

Before ending, Bandana sent out a strong warning to promoters out there who use his and other musicians name without informing them on their events.


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