‘bang’ For Roles Must Stop – Khareema Aguier

imagesWhile some actresses are having qualms and holding strong abjection to the assertion that most ladies are subjected to a so – called “sex-for-role”, others also have good reasons and facts to corroborate the reality of the assertion.

The justification to this follows a declaration made by a renowned Ghanaian screen diva and actress Khareema Aguier in an exclusive interview on the Late Nite Celebrity show on ETV Ghana on Wednesday May 27, 2015.

According to her, although she has never been a victim of such an incongruous and sleazy practice, she had had complains from friends who were victimized. She lamented that “…. guys do not give anything for free. They do not do favours but there are some decent ones out there…”

In her revelation, she added that there are these young girls with fresh energy who get approached by these men and lure them with roles into bed. Showing great animosity to the practice, she has condemned and warned all men (producers) who are taking advantage of these young girls who are desperate to come into the limelight “to stop!”.

The beautiful actress who shot into the limelight by chance with Not All That Glitters believes there is time for everything. She is therefore advising all young girls with the talent of acting to work harder and never to succumb to any mischievous harassment.

Speaking on her personal life, her acting career and the way forward, she unveiled her desire to become a producer very soon but currently undertaking a charity project for old men and old women.



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