Barima Sidney Releases Another Controversial Song

imagesBarima Sidney is in the news again for releasing another single which has very controversial lyrics. Last month we had an interview with Barima Sidney and he was at a crossroads as to follow the current trend or continue to criticize the government. For now he has made a stand to make his socialist songs and be unique. He has released a new single entitled SIKA DIE33 which means spend drift produced by DR.RAY. He critiques the current government of spending so much which is associated to the current power fluctuation in the country. The song will be posted here for your listening pleasure
Barima has further stated that he will release a song every month to serve as a check to the current government. He blames most of the plights of Ghana to unnecessary spending by just one or few people. He is set to perform at The Ghana’s Official 58th Celebrations at UK on the 7thof March. The programme is billed to have performances from Stonebwoy, Yaa Pono, Charsay, Rashelle Blue and other DJ’s.


Monica Otumfuor

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