‘Basketball Wives’ Recap: Saniy’yah is Fired for Altercation with Hazel + Jackie is Furious
Photo Credit: VH1

‘Basketball Wives’ Recap: Saniy’yah is Fired for Altercation with Hazel + Jackie is Furious

Photo Credit: VH1

On the latest episode of “Basketball Wives,” the fallout from Evelyn and Jackie’s confrontation continues.

Meanwhile, Tami’s daughter Jazz meets with a record label, learning the fate of her music career.

Lastly, Hazel brings a new friend named Ashley around the OG’s, who has a past with Saniy’yah. The three ladies clash at an event hosted Saniy’yah.

Evelyn and Jackie are still red-hot angry.

Evelyn and Jackie are still turnt up from their altercation in New York.

Jackie is still trying to fight Evelyn as security holds her back, and Evelyn is still threatening Jackie from the limo. Meanwhile, Shaunie gets out of the limo and heads towards Jackie to try to calm her down.

As Shaunie leaves, Evelyn is still threatening Jackie.

“She will get f***ed up in these streets, in New York. Y’all better move her! Put that b**** somewhere else, if you know what’s good for her.” – Evelyn

However, Jackie is making threats of her own towards Evelyn.

“Just keep that b**** out of my motherf***ing presence. I’m serious. Or else it’s gonna be a homicide. I will kill her.” – Jackie

Tami and Saniy’yah are trying to calm Jackie down as Shaunie walks over but Jackie is still red-lining, really wanting to fight Evelyn.

“See Tami, what she did is, she f***ed with the wrong b****.” – Jackie

Shaunie arrives to Jackie’s location and Jackie immediately turns her anger towards Shaunie, demanding she bring Evelyn over to her.

Shaunie says Jackie has elevated to a level that’s concerning to her. She’s starting to question Jackie’s mental health.

When Shaunie gets back to the limo, Evelyn is still going off, demanding Jackie’s hotel room is moved as far away from hers as possible. Evelyn also blocks her on Instagram. Jackie got word notification of the block. Jackie goes off saying, “F*** you b****!”

Everyone recaps last night’s showdown between Evelyn and Jackie.

Shaunie orders breakfast to her suite and is joined by Bonnie-Jill, Evelyn and Hazel. When they recap everything, Evelyn still is angry, not wanting to be around Evelyn.

“I will never be around Jackie, ever.” – Evelyn

However, Evelyn breaks down in tears, feeling like she let people down acting the way she did.

Meanwhile, Jackie is walking around the city with Saniy’yah and Tami. As they recap the events of the previous night, Tami feels both Jackie and Evelyn are wrong. Tami tells Jackie that she’s crazy but she feels she is a good person. Jackie feels like Evelyn should have never gotten involved with Ta’kari’s Go Fund Me campaign.

Saniy’yah invites the ladies to an event that her family is throwing. Tami tells Saniy’yah that Evelyn isn’t going to come if Jackie is going to be there. Since Jackie and Saniy’yah are friends, they all believe Evelyn won’t show up.

Jazz lands her record deal.

Tami and Jazz get down to business and head to the studio to meet with Jazz’s potential record label. Tami is quite excited about Jazz’s opportunity and is genuinely happy for her.

When they get to the studio, they first meet with the label’s A&R, then meet Theo, the man who will have the final say. They play her record and the label heads and are impressed with Jazz’s record. The label agrees to signing Jazz and they are ready to work.

All of this brings Tami to tears as she is happy to see everything work out for her daughter.

Someone from Saniy’yah’s past spills the tea.

Bonnie-Jill, Evelyn and Shaunie meet up at the suite to pre-game before their dinner. They are wondering if Tami will show up, because she says she is sick. However, Evelyn isn’t sure this is true.

“Are you sick or are you hanging with Jackie?” – Evelyn

The ladies meet Hazel at a 70’s themed restaurant for their drinks and sushi. Things seem to be light-hearted compared to the chaos the night before. Hazel invites her friend Ashley.

Ashley eventually arrives, and they are enjoying her energy. Ashley tells the ladies how she dated NBA player Lou Williams and reveals they have a chld. Ashley tells a story of how Lou left her for a woman she introduced to him and brought into their bedroom.

Ashley says she also knows Saniy’yah and Saniy’yah told her that she slept with Lou while she was his stylist. Ashley then calls Saniy’yah a whore.

As the conversation progresses, they talk about how Saniy’yah was really skinny and had a small butt back in the day. Hazel says she plans to take Ashley to Saniy’yah’s party, and this confirms to Evelyn that she doesn’t need to be there.

Bonnie-Jill gives Jackie a second chance.

Meanwhile, Tami and Bonnie-Jill are out in the city heading for drinks. As they are walking to the place, Tami tells BJ that she and Jackie have gotten off to a rough start. Tami wants BJ to give Jackie another chance but Bonnie-Jill is apprehensive.

When they get to the topic of Evelyn and Jackie’s blow up, Tami admits that both Evelyn and Jackie were wrong.

“If we all agree, kids are off-limits. So, if we go on that, then the first person who threw the first jab, was Evelyn.” – Tami

Despite everything that’s happened, Bonnie is willing to give Jackie another shot at a friendship.

When BJ and Tami get to the bar, they meet up with Jackie.

The meet up goes well, despite Jackie being Jackie, discussing her s*x life yet again with Doug.

Things turn serious when Bonnie-Jill brings up meeting with Hazel’s friend Ashley. BJ tells Jackie the story about Lou Williams sleeping with Saniy’yah. Jackie tells the ladies that Saniy’yah needs to know and agree that Jackie needs to tell Saniy’yah.

Things turn up rather quickly with Saniy’yah, Hazel and Ashley.

Later on that night, Tami and Shaunie meet up are riding in the limo. They recap about Saniy’yah and Ashley. Shaunie mentions that Ashley will be there, which could be a problem. They along with Jackie arrive at Saniy’yah’s event.

Next to arrive is Saniy’yah, whose family is throwing the party. When she gets in, she sits down with Jackie, Tami and Shaunie and is hipped to what Ashley said.

Saniy’yah tells them that she didn’t invite Ashley and scoffs at Hazel bringing her.

“I feel as though Hazel’s up to some bulls***. You’re being shady. I wouldn’t consider Hazel a friend.“ – Saniy’yah

When Hazel and Ashley arrive with Bonnie-Jill, Saniy’yah angrily awaits them. They all surround a table with Saniy’yah approaching the ladies, demanding they leave.

“They can leave quietly, or I can drag they a**es out of her kicking and screaming. The choice is yours.” – Saniy’yah

Saniy’yah tells Hazel that Ashley shouldn’t be at the party.

“This is a private event with my family and closest friends and I don’t consider either one of you any of that.” – Saniy’yah

When Hazel says she’s not leaving, Saniy’yah attacks Hazel. Ashley jumps in and security has a hard time breaking them up. Once everyone is separated, Ashley and Hazel are kicked out of the party and Tami sides with Hazel on everything.

Shaunie feels that Hazel dropped the ball bringing Ashley to the party but Saniy’yah jumping on them crossed the line.

“Saniy’yah’s turn up is real and unexpected, and I’m like done with her, for real…” – Shaunie

Jackie is not pleased with double-standards being shown on the show. In a green screen interview, Jackie slips up and says Saniy’yah was kicked off the show.

“Wow! Evelyn can say whatever in the hell she wants about my kid. But, Sany’yah does one thing and she’s got to leave? That s*** is so unfair.” – Jackie

Outside, Hazel is going off about everything and calls Saniy’yah out:

“Ghetto-a**, heathen-a** b****! 39 with no f***ing kids. You a f***ing side b**** for life! You really winning in life motherf***er.”

Ending the episode, Tami says that she’s done with her friendship with Saniy’yah.

“I think this might be the end of the road for me and Saniy’yah. Girl, Hazel is my niece. I don’t know if I can roll with you. I’m gonna have to cut you loose.” – Tami

After the episode aired, Saniy’yah aired out her grievances with the show on Instagram, specifically calling out Ashley, Hazel and Tami.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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