BBA STARGAME: Keitta And Roki Dodge Nominations

BBA STARGAME: Keitta And Roki Dodge Nominations

For some reason, Roki and Keitta dodged the Nominations dagger. Perhaps Keitta hasn’t stepped on any toes yet since he’s still pretty new in Upville but Roki has definitely rub some Upvillers the wrong way.

However, Roki’s been strategically planting stories amongst the Housemates, which led to them nominating each other and totally forgetting about him. Maneta got the highest Nominations (4) followed by Prezzo and Barbz who both got three Nominations, Goldie and Lady May both got two Nominations each.

This is how the Upvillers nominated:

Goldie nominated Maneta and Lady May, Prezzo put up Barbz and Maneta, Maneta returned the favour to Prezzo and Goldie, surprisingly stabbed his girlfriends Barbz and Maneta and Roki thought he could follow suite.

It was quite disturbing that Roki repeated the same mistake of nominating his fellow countrymate but one of his many reasons for doing so was that she dislikes him.

Lady May put up Prezzo and Goldie for not pulling their weight when she was HoH and finally, Barbz nominated Prezzo and Lady May.




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