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Be Black Disses D-Black


Be Black Disses D-Black

As if the similarity between their names is not conflict enough, Ghanaian rappers Be and may have found reasons to enter 2011 as the first case of Ghanaian rap ‘beef; for the new year.

On Sunday, the growing Hip-Hop artist Be Black (Bismark Asare) wrote on his Facebook page as follows “ de fuck is d-black am be black!!! D-black lacks artistry shd be schooled!!!”

When asked about his reasons for such a comment, he explained to his fans and friends that he asked D-Black to do a collaboration with him but wasn't happy with the response he received. According to him, D-Black said he would have to pay 8,000ghc for collaboration. To make things worse, D-Black added the conditionality that Be Black must also contract his company to build the official website for Be Black.

Although Be Black hasn't broken into the mainstream of Ghanaian music yet, he seems to be getting a lot of recognition on the international music scene. In 2010, he was nominated for the ‘International Artist of the Year' nod at the Los Angeles Music Awards.

His single, ‘All Level' won him the ‘Best New CD' award at the Grandie Music Award organized by Radio Indy in Arizona, US. He also won the Gold Artiste of the Year, the single topped the chart for four weeks.

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