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Big Brother Africa: Nando Threatens To Stab Elikem


Big Brother Africa: Nando Threatens To Stab Elikem

I just got home to meet a lot of pleas on social media and even in my house that Big Brother should disqualify Tanzania’s Nando for his erratic behavior that led him to slapping Elikem during an altercation on Friday night.

Even worse, the Tanzanian was said to have threatened to stab Elikem with a pair of scissors which he was hiding under his bed. This becomes the second time that Nando has threatened to stab a fellow housemate so there are calls to remove him from the house. Not fully aware of the facts I decided to check the details on the official big brother Africa site.


The incident was reported as follows:
The House came to a standstill this evening when Nando and Elikem got into a fight of epic proportions.All sorts of unpalatable were hurled at Elikem by Nando, who finds Elikem’s childish ways offensive.

“You’re a bitch nigga. You’re 22 and I’m 24 but you shake your butt in front of the cameras. Who does that? Now I’m regretting why I never Nominated you,” an aggravated Nando said. Nando was clearly pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes because he actually Nominated Elikem on Monday.

Watch what really happened in the video below:

When Elikem said “I have nothing to say to you”, Nando told him “I have plenty to say and I will say it”. Nando then lunged at Elikem and grabbed his beanie. “That’s my beanie and only real n*gga’s are allowed to wear it. Not people like you”. After more insults were hurled, Elikem finally exploded and told Nando “I dare you to start this on the outside. I double dare you,” he shouted as Bimp, Oneal and Melvin scrambled to break up the volatile situation. The argument looked like it would turn catastrophic as soon as Elikem told Nando “F*ck you and your mother”.

Bimp and Melvin then dragged an incensed Nando to the bathroom so they could calm him down. “Nobody double dares me. I swear. I felt like stabbing that n*gga. These are the n*ggas that deserve to die,” the Tanzanian said. Nando already has a Strike after concealing a knife under his jacket during one of the Channel O parties.


Many of the Housemates said Nando was probably carrying it in case he and Sulu got into a fight. Because of his actions, Nando got a Strike. “Nando don’t do this. This could be seen as extreme provocation. You already have a Strike,” Bimp said.

Nando wasn’t having any of that and told Bimp “If he didn’t dare me, it would be fine. I won’t let it go. This whole weekend, I will speak my mind,” Nando said.

Source: Ameyawdebrah/Bigbrotherafrica

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